Data Protection

The volunteer registering with Noffri.com agrees and consents to have personal data collected and processed by the Malta Community Chest Fund and shared with and processed by third parties, for the purpose of processing applications related to noffri.com. The Malta Community Chest Fund may undertake verification of all personal data submitted on this application (and any supporting documents) by sharing, requesting or disclosing data as it deems fit. This consent is being granted on the condition that the Malta Community Chest Fund will comply with the relevant legislation and regulations relating to the handling and processing of personal data.


Provided that for avoidance of any doubt the term ‘personal data’ shall refer to any information relating to an individual, by means of which information such individual may be identified. The term ‘processing’ shall refer to any operation or set of operations taken in regard to such personal data, whether or not by automated means. The term ‘processing’ shall include but not limited to the collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, gathering, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available of such personal data, alignment or combination, blocking, erasure or destruction of such personal data.


Vuluntary Work Offered

The volunteer registering with Noffri.com confirms that he will work reliably and to the best of his ability according to good workmanship and will follow rules, procedures and instructions as directed including equal opportunities and confidentiality. Furthermore, it is being declared that the volunteer will perform to the best of his ability to meet the time commitments and standards as mutually agreed.


The volunteer binds himself to take full responsibility and shall fully indemnify the Malta Community Chest Fund to its satisfaction against any claims, demands, damages, liabilities and/or costs, whether to third parties or otherwise arising out or in connection with any service or work tendered to any third party through noffri.com.