Noffri is a new project aimed at increasing voluntary work through the collection of voluntary hours from the general public. Endorsed by HE the President of Malta, and managed by the Malta Community Chest Fund, this project will assist a number of voluntary organisations and aims to improve the quality of life of those in need.


Have you been thinking of starting some voluntary work but do not have time to do so regularly due to other commitments? You can still join Noffri, for a one time donation, for an hour every week or more every month. It is entirely up to you how many hours you commit, but each and every minute you can spare will make a big difference in someone else’s life.


You can contribute by offering a couple of hours in your area of expertise, by doing manual work, by giving a professional advice, by offering a medical procedure or by driving someone. The possibilities are endless and your input is priceless. Quantify your donation in number of hours and offer now.



It is a truly wonderful feeling helping someone in their moment of need. If you can spare some time to offer your expertise and skills to those who really need it, join of the Malta Community Chest Fund. You can decide on the amount of time and schedule you can offer to suit your lifestyle. One thing is sure, your involvement in the community is not only rewarding, it will increase your morale, motivation, commitment and performance in all aspects of your life. It is my wish to see such a synergy among all the people of Malta, so that no one is excluded and everyone will have the opportunity to live with dignity.

Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca